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Trust Profile
Future Plans
  • Tejaswini Sadbhavna Mandir

  • Tejaswini Sakhi Mandir

  • Tejaswini Wanprasth Mandir

  • Tejaswini Gauvmata Mandir

  • Tejaswini Vaidik Upchar Mandir

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Upcoming Events
  • Yoga Classes

  • Atama Manthan Yog Shibir

  • Katha

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  • Uniform & School Kits distribution at Masa, Machiyavasan, Movasa, Bhagad, Wadi and Dhikari (Gujarat) INDIA.

  • Medical Checkup & Surgery for 110 People at sorrounding of Amalsad (Gujarat) INDIA.

  • Mahila Gruh Udhyog for Widow Women at PrAmalsad; producing Food Products like... Papad, Khakhara, Mathia, Ghughara, Kharkhadia & Chorafali with different test.

  • Professional Training to Valsad District's Teachers for Teachers & Education System with Motivation of Student at Barumal, Dharampur (Gujarat) INDIA.

  • Motivation Of Students on "Jivan Mulya" at Andheshwar, Amalsad (Gujarat) INDIA.

  • Rakshbandhan Festival at "Sub Jail" Navsari (Gujarat) INDIA.

  • Vyashan Multi Abhiyan - 7000 Young People at ITI College, Bilimora (Gujarat) INDIA.

  • Vyashan Multi Villege Project Successfuly Completed at "Alampar", Bhavnagar (Gujarat) INDIA.

Working Area
  • Support Orphans

  • Widows

  • Poor Elderly

  • Families In Extreme Poverty

  • Poor Women For Marriage

  • Deserving Students

  • Poor Medical Patients

  • People Affected By Disaster

  • Student Health & Mind Development

  • Medical & Blood Donation Camps

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