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Volunteering with Tejaswini means lending your time, energy and expertise to complete projects for the organisational development of Tejaswini Partners. Volunteers are an integral part of Tejaswini’s work because their efforts move plans into action.
Tejaswini matches the interest, motivation and expertise of each volunteer to a specific project that has concrete, measurable outcomes. Each volunteer role is tailored to the applicant. These defined volunteer roles ensure an extremely meaningful experience for the volunteer and significant impact for the Tejaswini Partner.
Tejaswini volunteers work either as consultants or as interns.

Tejaswini Consultants:

  • Have years of professional experience

  • Help to lead the Tejaswini Partner organisation

  • Work directly with the management of Tejaswini, the Tejaswini Partner and external consultants

Tejaswini Interns:

  • Are generally students or recent graduates

  • Are facilitated by Tejaswini and the Tejaswini Partner

  • Use their Tejaswini volunteerships to fulfill course requirements

Tejaswini has hosted more than 100 volunteers from different countries over the past year. Volunteers have developed teaching curriculums, designed websites, planned marketing campaigns, completed fundraising strategies, written manuals, verified accounting processes, launched blogs, filmed videos and created longterm strategic plans for Tejaswini Partners, amongst other activities.

To learn more about volunteering with Tejaswini , send email to volunteer@atammanthanyog.com

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