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Working Area
  • Support Orphans

  • Widows

  • Poor Elderly

  • Families In Extreme Poverty

  • Poor Women For Marriage

  • Deserving Students

  • Poor Medical Patients

  • People Affected By Disaster


Tejeswini Trust was created with the focus on education, based on the belief that education is the answer to most, if not all, of our problems. Within a few early Years of operation, it was realized that we must pay attention to social welfare programs as well as healthcare programs, due to the fact that a hungry child, without proper clothes, or with a disease, cannot be in a position to acquire any kind of education. Hence it became obvious that we must provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the entire well-being of a child and of a community, instead of just focus on one aspect of it. The spread of basic general education among poor, rural populations is one of our priorities.
Education not only opens doors of opportunity to a better living standard, it also broadens our views about world affairs and social norms around the world, helping us become more tolerant and law-abiding citizens. Illiteracy is not caused by a lack of intelligence; rather it is often a result of outside factors that can be addressed. Today some of the poor population does not know how to read or write. As a result, they are unable to achieve their goals in life and reach their full potential in terms of financial stability to support their families.
Support Poor Students, Female Education, Adult Education etc.

Social Welfare

Supports families displaced by emergencies or catastrophes such as earthquakes, droughts, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. During the first phase of relief, support is offered in the form of basic needs, including tents, dry rations, cooking utensils, blankets, medical attention, clothing, etc.
The second phase of disaster relief requires the re-settling of affected families. Hidaya supports the reconstruction of their homes and encourages them to stand on their own feet through Self Employment Projects.


When basic needs such as food are not even met, health care needs for their families is not even on their minds. Ironically, while they cannot afford health care, they are the ones who need affordable basic health care the most. Local hospitals and clinics are ill-equipped to supply quality health care and medicines.
Hidaya Foundation has health care support programs in place to assist the poor who otherwise would go untreated causing loss of family income, what little they have, and even death.
Tejaswini Trust has given priority to patients with contagious diseases to protect their families and community at large from catching these diseases. Tejaswini Trust supports patients suffering from contagious diseases as well as others and provides them access to doctors, lab tests, medicines and follow-up visits. In addition, assistance is give to patients who need surgeries in the localities where Tejaswini Trust operates.
In rural areas, there are often no facilities available for basic health care needs. The few that are there are under-staffed and mismanaged. Hence poor families suffer, particularly women and children because of the lack of female doctors in remote locations.
Tejaswini Trust sponsors health camps in remote locations and arranges for medical teams, medical supplies and medicines to benefit the poor.

Self Employment

Tejaswini Trust strongly believes in helping people become financially independent and self sufficient, instead of providing them perpetual assistance. Relief is generally a short term solution to a long term problem. Self employment through economic and social change is a long-term solution, which is why Tejaswini Trust focuses on projects that promote self-employment. Poor families and individuals are provided assistance in the form of push-carts and supplies for selling vegetables or other items as street vendors, or cash is given for setting up retail shops.  Also under this project, tools and equipment are given for various professions for starting businesses.

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