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Healthcare Education

Healthcare Education
Health Education

To continuously mobilize and to accomplish one of our goals "Social Prosperity by Physical Fitness" . Manav Parivar has now planned to extend the scope of Health Care Education in various parts of the nation. In the course of this actions, we are planning to set up 'Diabetes Health Care Project'.

'Diabetes Health Care Project'

To increase awareness and education about diabetes within community, support early detection and treatment of complications, and improve the quality of diabetes care in India.

Diabetes Health Care Project will define and develop Diabetes Health Care systems to:
Identify high-risk groups.
Provide health care recommendations that can be used to formulate personal health care procedure.
Monitor health outcomes and indicators of the quality of health care recommendations for individuals and groups.
Evaluate progress in Diabetes Health Care Project
Project will design and implement approaches such as Community-based education programs, Business and community partnership programs.

Project will provide health professionals and community leaders with the skills and knowledge to mobilize community based programs and to develop appropriate interventions.

Project will collaborate with the private, local, state and central government health care providers to evaluate the effectiveness of community-based program.

Project needs active volunteers, physicians, scientists, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers, and educators to resume continuous planning, decide strategic location, design and publish publications ect. with the positive approach toward humanity and dedications toward goal.

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