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Our Logo

Our Logo describe Five (5) main things.

  • Lotus

  • Women

  • Helping Hands

  • Shankh

  • Apo Dipo Bhavh

  • To light the lamp of Vedic knowledge and righteousness in as many hearts as possible.

  • We make society aware of the concerns of the aged and promote better understanding of ageing issues.

  • To educate the masses and spread literacy, particularly among women, in order to bring about a sustainable change in the society.

  • To focus toward future self-employment with the hope of breaking the cycle of ongoing dependency, while giving immediate assistance to families in the current crisis.

  • Establish a very traditional gurukulam with modern amenities.

  • Provide a set-up for seekers to get a thorough knowledge of the scriptures through the medium of their mother tongue

  • Spread the message of our ancient scriptures to maximum number of people.

  • To work for the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons and to improve their quality of life.

  • To promote continuous  self-improvement in the quality of human lives.

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